Environmental Services

Rapid developments have resulted significant impact on the environment. During the last few years, all the concerned authorities have realised that development cannot be sustained unless the environment is protected. Hence, most of the governments in the world have made it mandatory for project owner to carryout Environmental Impact Assessment “EIA” for their existing or proposed project(s) and prepare Environmental Management and Monitoring Plans (EMMPs) so that the Environmental Quality is protected.


  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Construction Environmental Management Program “CEMP”
  • Operational Environmental Management Program “OEMP”
  • Demolition Environmental Management Program “DEMP”
  • Land contamination investigation and site assessment
  • Environmental Baseline Audit “EBA”
  • Environmental Risk Assessment
  • Due Diligence Audits
  • Environmental Audit
  • Waste Management Audits
  • Environmental Remediation Studies
  • Waste Reduction Action Plan (WRAP)

Risk Management Services
Critical infrastructure must be safeguarded against physical, technical and technological as well as cyber risks, as well as sabotage and terrorism. To build long-term and sustainable infrastructure, investors and operators need to manage these risks and operate water networks efficiently using the latest technologies.
By assessing and managing physical, technical, technological and HSE risks, TÜV SÜD supports stakeholders ensure long-term, sustainable, safe and optimised solutions for water and waste water treatment plants and networks, and desalination facilities.

Our services at a glance
Performance Testing
The Water Sector relies on certain key technologies, like membranes, filtration systems or sensor technologies that gain increasing importance. This progress on the technological end leads to high complexity and a lack of transparency for such capex intensive investments. Often an operator has no means of comparing various technologies and their long-term performance ex-ante. The TÜV SÜD experts provide following services for perfomance testing:
Long-term performance testing
Field testing
Technology Verification
Risk assessments
Technological optimization consultancy
The criteria of our assessment services are based on your priorities. Our services inlcude:
Assessment based on as-is analysis
Comparison of findings with strategic goals
Quantitative Risk Analysis (QA)
Fault Tree Analysis (FTA)
Event Tree Analysis (ETA)
Human Reliability Assessment (HRA)
Reliability-Availability-Maintainability-Safety (RAMS)
Hazard Pro
Cyber Security
Determining risk mitigation measures
TÜV SÜD supports in evaluating, prioritising and determining the potential savings of risk mitigation measures:
Specification of risk management systems
Preparation of Crisis and Disaster Management plans
Preparation of modular emergency tools
Recommendation of implementation sequences
Implementation consultancy
Evaluation of measures
Following implementation, new measures are evaluated to determine effectiveness:
Audit of implemented management systems
Assessment of new as-is status
System documentation
Technical and environmental due dilligence
We assist you in detecting and evaluating technical and environmental risks in plants, networks, buildings and in the soil.
Systematic consideration of the actual technology status, relevant environmental legislation and international standards
Development and evaluations of risk mitigation and improvement strategies