Offshore Service

TROS AS products will save you considerable energy costs and makes expensive service agreements and maintenance routines not necessary. We produce cleansing solvent for cleansing of all types of water systems and GEL for cleansing of all types of external surfaces.
Buildings, industry, ships and oil platforms worldwide currently use our products. Cleansing of facilities saves you a large sum in maintenance and energy cost.
Product Areas
• Surface corrosion, ext / int
• SCALE, lime, marine organisms in piping systems
• Pacification of stainless
• Degreasing of external surfaces using GEL
• Urine salt in vacuum systems
• Legionella and bacteria in drinking water
Larger surfaces with corrosion, rust stain, stainless or contamination are cleansed with TermoRens GEL with minimum manpower required. Pipeline systems, coolers, seawater intakes are easily cleansed without the need of dismantling, by using TermoRens liquid; our products are specially developed for each usage area.
We tailor-make our products to suite your requirements.
Cleansing of vacuum systems on board is a rapidly growing market where TROS AS delivers the best and most affordable solutions. We welcome you to our website which we hope you will make use of, either as a contractor or as owner of the facility with a need for our products.
Anodix is today the most optimal product on the market to prevent legionella outbreak in water systems. Obtaining an Anodix gives you not only a product but also an entire security system that meets all requirements from Public Health & it documents that your facility is free of legionella. We provide facility mapping, risk analysis, maintenance procedures and monitoring. We are confident that our program is the most secure and affordable in the market.
Don’t hesitate contacting us. There may be a lot of money to save!

Product areas
Cleansing of stainless on offshore installations & modules (Cleansing of stainless & other surfaces offshore)
Cleansing of vacuum system (Vacuum system 2015 )
Cleansing of heat exchanger and plate coolers (Heat Exchanger Cleansing)
Drinking water system cleansing and disinfection (Drinking water system cleansing)
Anodix; Bacteria & Legionella treatment (All in One, Bacteria & Legionella)
Cleansing of pipelines, tanks & processing system (Pipe line cleansing 2015 / Crude-oil Pipeline cleansing)
Cleansing of seawater pipeline & systems (Pipe cleansing, Mussels 2015)
Flushing of pipeline systems
Heavier corrosion (Heavier corrosion )
Pacification of stainless steel (Pasification of stainless steel )
Cleansing of boat engines cooling system (Cleansing of boat engines cooling system)
Cleaning & cleansing of buildings outside surfaces (Facade cleaning)