Water & Steam Cycle Corrosion Inhibitor

HELAMIN® is the Swiss original “All-in-one” technology, based on filming polyamines, representing the State-of-the-Art standard in Boiler Water & Steam treatment. HELAMIN® is Swiss know-how since 1986, 32 years track records worldwide references

HELAMIN®: is advanced “Green” and unique product for corrosion and scale inhibitors to replace boiler conventional treatment, Helamin is a green product free from hydrazine and phosphates and easily biodegradable, non-toxic, environment friendly and economic solution. This gives solution for all in one technology based on Filming Form Amines (FFA), this strong think film make as barrier between metal surface and water steam.

HELAMIN® applications address the needs of all sorts of Industries, such as Oil Refineries, Petrochemicals, Power Plants, Sugar Mills, Paper Mills, Food Industry, Textile Industry, Automotive Industry, District Heating, among others. The results of many years of Research & Development activities and excellent users feed-back are available on request. As such, the HELAMIN® treatment is considered as THE reference of the Market whenever talking of Filming Polyamines for Boiler water & steam treatment.

Filming Polyamines for Boiler Water & Steam Treatment Optimal Boiler water treatment and Steam purity are of utmost importance in order to optimize overall operational efficiency of industrial installations.

Most reliable protection against corrosion and deposits within the entire installation:

HELAMIN® is the pioneer and inventor of a unique polyamines filming technology to prevent scale & corrosion in water/steam cycle systems (turbines included), as well as in cooling systems (open or closed).

HELAMIN® is thus equally providing optimum protection in feed water tanks, boilers, steam pipes, turbines and condensates return lines.

Application of HELAMIN®:

HELAMIN® single solution is dosed into the feed water upstream of the feed pump. The dosing requirement is much lower as compared to conventional treatments as it is proportional to the make-up water and independent of oxygen concentration.

  • High and low pressure steam boilers/ HRSG.
  • Water tube boiler with turbine.
  • Steam systems in food industry.
  • Hot water systems.
  • District heating systems.
  • Open and closed cooling systems.
  • Boil-out and preservation of boilers.

How HELAMIN® work: based on the combination of 3 actions:

  1. HELAMIN® contains polyamines which are adsorbed on the boiler or pipe surfaces to form a film. The metal is protected against corrosion; deposits are prevented to build up.
  2. Optimum pH control thanks to a blend of neutralizing alkalinizing amines.
  3. Hardness regulation with dispersion of scale forming salts.

Working in a synergistic way to provide an optimum protection and passivation of all ferrous & non ferrous metal surfaces in the entire water & steam circuit. HELAMIN® is thus forming a monomolecular, continuous and hydrophobic protective film on metal surfaces, acting as a barrier between water and metal to prevent corrosion.

Furthermore, HELAMIN® is able to recover and maintain heat transfer  efficiency by decreasing the thick layer of old oxide & scale deposits, while being very efficient in dispersing scale forming salts, thus preventing formation of scale.

The use of HELAMIN® to treat water & steam circuits has many advantages over conventional conditioning which requires several substances to be added at various locations and needs regular monitoring. HELAMIN® “All-in one treatment” is replacing conventional treatments such as combinations of phosphates (corrosion transport problems, environment unfriendly), hydrazine (highly toxic), ammonia (acidic early condensate) with much better results. Whenever used in steam generators, warm & hot water networks, turbines and cooling systems, HELAMIN® is the most efficient, highly economical and ecological solution to the difficult problem of corrosion and scaling.

Excellent behavior at high temperatures (Proven up to 220 bars and 600° C steam temperature):

In addition, HELAMIN® contributes to build-up a more efficient protective magnetite layer. Indeed, it has been proven that HELAMIN® improves the structure of the magnetite layer and increases its protective effect. Furthermore, thermal and oxidative decomposition have not been found to form corrosive volatile acids and toxic by-products.

The advantages of HELAMIN®


• Easy application, all-in-one solution

• Only one dosing point & easy monitoring

• Able to handle water-feed quality fluctuations

• Dosage independent from oxygen concentration

• Non toxic


• Most efficient & reliable filming technology

• High stability protective film up to 600°C / 220 bar

• Protection for entire water-steam circuits & cooling S Systems

• Progressive & controlled cleaning of boilers & cooling circuits

• The salt content of boiler water is not increased

• Avoids carry-over into the steam system


• Environment friendly

• Biodegradable

• Free of phosphate

• Free of hydrazine


• Reduced maintenance & running costs

• Increased output & revenues

• Superior life time of installations

• Reduced blow-down rate

• Energy-saving as improved heat transfer

• Small quantity of product needed

• Faster start-up time


• Pioneer & specialized in polyamines filming technology

• Inventor of a successful polyamines treatment

• Swiss know-how since 1986

• 32 years track records, worldwide references

• Patented formulation, unequalled


HELAMIN® is tested in accordance with the legislation on chemicals and in compliance with OECD principles. Its toxicity lies around the less poisonous limit. HELAMIN® is not a product classified as dangerous to the environment. It is Class 3 as per DIN 1988 Part 4 and is therefore suitable for heating circuits, notably heating drink water pipes (single layer heat exchangers). Water danger class 1 or 2 (WGK).

All the relevant physical and chemical information, protective measures and handling instructions are listed in the EU safety data sheets. Information on toxicology and additional data on ecology in accordance with OECD guidelines 202 and 203 are also given.


HELAMIN® solution is dosed into the feed water upstream of the feed pump (after Deaerator). A higher initial concentration is necessary in order to build up the protective film. In this respect, follow the Helamin Technical proposal Sheets instructions.

There are two simple methods to measure the polyamines content in the water/steam: the first is a titration test kit, and the second is a photometric test with two reagents. For the photometric methods, you can use any standard photometer with a wavelength of 565 nm and we can provide you with the calibration curve.

HELAMIN® is the reference for all kinds of polyamines treatment, the first Swiss product, being used since 40 years in Europe and Gulf Countries, such as Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Turkey, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iran, India, Japan, Brazil and many other countries.

HELAMIN® was evaluated and approved by Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) / Desalination Technology Research Institute (DTRI) Saudi Arabia.


The results of many years of research and development activities and excellent results of field tests (Cases Study) are available on request.