About us

Environmental Protection and Technical Services for Trading and Contracting & mainly engineering design, construction, procurement and execution of Projects in ARAMCO and other companies in KSA. The Company is Established in 2004 and registered in ARAMCO, SABIC,Royal commission,SWCC,Saudi electricity companies etc.
We are committed to bring the latest and most sophisticated technical achievements in engineering to forefront of the production line. Thanks to our diverse team of engineers and administrators we are able to help our clients tackle the most complex problems the industry is facing.
Servicing in the area of Refineries & oil and gas industries, Petrochemicals, Power Generation, Water Treatment, Emission Reduction, Engineering Support and Technology Transfer.
Our business-led approach ensures a performance-driven, motivated, professional workforce supported by end-to-end business processes and a system that creates a knowledge-based culture within the organization. Today, we are winning through our people – making customer satisfaction a reality – and securing long-term business in future. Through leadership direction, and the diversity of skills and expertise of our people and association, we have a vision to place ourselves as a distinct market-leader as a provider of world-class services.